The use of masks during our live performances is no longer required but is strongly recommended.

For each performance in our 2019/20 Season, P3 Theatre Company is donating 20 tickets to so our veterans can enjoy the theatre at NO COST. That is a total of 1,040 donated tickets!

(52 total performances x 20 tickets each! = a $36,400 cost!)

Show your support of our Homeland Heroes. Please consider making a donation of $175 to sponsor ONE Veteranfor the entire season.

One Veteran x 5 Shows ($35) = $175

But wait! Who likes to go to the theatre alone? If you reach a little deeper into your pockets you can sponsor ONE Veteran And A Guest to each show of our amazing 2019/20 season! One Veteran + One Guest x 5 Shows = $350

Better yet, you can sponsor a single performance for TWENTY veterans with a donation of just $700!

Sponsor a Veteran Now!

P3 Theatre Company is a volunteer-based, publicly supported, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to bringing top quality theatrical arts to the community. All donations are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law.Non-profit tax id: 83-1552979

What Veterans Are Saying

First time at this venue. What a hidden gem. The production was excellent and we look forward to the next show
Thanks so much

United States Air Force Veteran 1987 - 1995

Thank you for the great tickets, wife really enjoy the show

United States Marine Corps Veteran 1987 - 1991

Thank you P3 theater company, the play EVita was an excellent play, I’ve always wanted to see it so thanks for the opportunity to allow me to do that. The theater where the play was performing was fabulous also. Once again thanks for everything!


United States Army Veteran 1974 - 1997

Thank you so much to everyone at the P3 Theater Company for sending us to see Evita tonight. I brought my service dog and the entire staff was so nice to her. Thank you so much


United States Air Force Veteran 1980 - 1985

Thank you P3 Theatre Company for your generosity’ The performance was outstanding, especially Che, his voice was awesome! I love this venue and look forward to attending more events in the future!

United States Navy Veteran 1989 - 2017

Thank you P3 Theatre Company and Vet Tix! The show was great! It was the first musical we had ever been to and we really enjoyed it. P3 Theatre Company is strongly pro-military and pro-veteran, as proven by the employees and Vet Tix materials displayed at the venue. Semper Fi!

United States Marine Corps Veteran 1997 - 2006

I want to thank P3 Theatre Company for providing an entertaining and enjoyable evening out for myself and friends. Without your generosity I would not have been able to have a perfect night out.
Thank You Very Much . . .


United States Navy Veteran 1963 - 1965

A wonderful performance of Evita!! Outstanding production values with beautiful singing and immensely intricate choreography. The Ernest Borgnine Theater is an architectural landmark with an intimate vibe. We plan on coming back for other productions this season. The 3rd row seats that P3 Theatre Company donated were fantastic. However, any seat in the theater would have been great. Vettix and P3 Theatre Company got me out of the house and are keeping me engaged in the wonderful activities our community has to offer. Thank You!

United States Navy Veteran 1980 - 2001

Thank you VetTix! Had a great time with my daughter! Enjoyed a Great musical!


United States Army Veteran 1996 - 2001

The was the first production by the P3 Theater Company at the Ernest Borgnine Theater. We drove from Phoenix to Long Beach and it was well worth the trip. The actors were nothing short of magnificent. We are deeply indebted and thank the P3 Theater Co. for their generous ticket donation and recognition to the veterans in the audience and for such a enjoyable performance.


United States Navy Veteran 1960 - 1981

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the tickets!

United States Air Force Veteran 1986 - 1991

Loved it..thanks Vet Tix

United States Navy Veteran 1984 - 2006

I would like to Thank P3 company for the opportunity to see Evita with my family. It was especially great as this was my wife’s birthday and she was excited to learn we were going to see Evita. We felt it was beautifully done in an atmosphere that I didn’t feel we had to dress to the 9’s. Great day. Thanks again P3 company. We enjoyed it and thankful that you think of the veterans. Here is a picture of us enjoying Evita in a very nice venue.


United States Navy Veteran 1983 - 1989

Thank you P3 Theatre Company for a terrific performance of Evita. The actors showed dazzling talent. The singing and dancing were wonderful! We had front row seats were terrific. Well worth the drive from Camp Pendleton. We appreciated the ample fenced parking.

United States Marine Corps Veteran 1973 - 2007

Thank you so much to the P3 Theater Company and Vet Tix for the tickets to the showing of Evita at the Ernest Borgnine Theater. My wife and I had a great time and the musical was very entertaining. The performers did a great job.

United States Army Veteran 2002 - 2015

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