Co-Directed and Co-Hosted by

Jon Peterson and Laffing Matterz’ Rita Wells


 Musical Direction by Phil Hinton 

Now available for streaming on demand thru April 30th!

Life is stressful under normal circumstances.

 The status quo of our world today has brought stress levels to stratospheric heights.

We all need a way to unwind and you know what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Enter Funny Bōnz, the “humerus” solution to surviving these times! A little levity can derail stress almost immediately. Funny Bōnz is a politically-incorrect musical sketch comedy revue featuring musical satire of current events, politics, and pop-culture; streaming live to your favorite device. Think of it as a musical SNL.

Produced by P3 Theatre Company, Funny Bōnz was created in the style of Laffing Matterz, an award-winning dinner theatre that entertained audiences from around the world in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area for an unprecedented nine (9) years.

Laffing Matterz creator and producer, Rita Wells, along with original Laffing Matterz cast member, Jon Peterson (also P3 Theatre Company’s Founder and Executive Artistic Director), and P3 Theatre Company’s live stream engineer, Brian Russell are the co-creators of this fantastic production.

Funny Bōnz will be reimagining the satirical style of its predecessor taking the in-person comedy club feel to a virtual platform to bring the comedy club directly into your homes!

Starring original Laffing Matterz cast members:

Shawn Kilgore, Lori Nuti, Jon Peterson, Rita Wells, and Angela J. Thomas.

Introducing Michelle Ameerally and Alden Bettencourt.

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