Important: For all in-person performances, you will be required to wear a mask indoors in compliance with the current LA County mandate. In addition to wearing a mask, you will need to present proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative COVID-19 test (within 72 hours) along with a photo ID.

Auditions and Casting


P3 Theatre Company is seeking Non-Union Performers for 


“Love, Valour, Compassion!” by Terrence McNally

Produced by P3 Theatre Company

Directed by Craig Tyrl


When: December 6 and 7 from 7pm-10pm by appointment only

Where: Auditions will be held at 4676 Lakeview Ave, Suite 213 Yorba Linda, CA 92886

How: Please email headshot and resume to to schedule an audition appointment.  

What: It is preferred that you prepare a monologue directly from the show (sides available here.)

You may also prepare a contemporary monologue in the style of the show.

Casting the Tony Award-winning comedy/drama, “Love! Valour! Compassion!” by Terrence McNally, in which a group of gay friends meet several weekends in the summer in upstate NY. 

P3 Theatre Company encourages performers of all ethnicities, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit. 

The following roles are available:

Bobby Brahms: Male, 18-30,
early 20s; Gregory Mitchell’s blind lover; somewhat innocent and inexperienced when it comes to sexuality; feels the need to be independent when it comes to living with being blind and not having to depend on others to help.
Note: Role requires nudity. Role also requires a scene with a simulated sex act (no nudity).

Ramon Fornos: Male, 18-30;
early 20s; a dancer originally from Puerto Rico who is brought to Gregory and Bobby’s by John Jeckyll; a flirt and fairly self-confident.
Dance background is a plus. Note: Role requires nudity.

Buzz Hauser: 25-40;
mid-30s to 40; witty, loquacious, loves musical theatre and is very knowledgeable; has low self-esteem, and is diagnosed with HIV. 
Note: Role requires brief rear nudity in one scene; character will be wearing an apron, so covered in the front while exposed in the back.

John/James Jeckyll: Male, 40-55;
dual cast role. As John: mid-40s to early 50s; a British native who has become a U.S. citizen; a composer/musician who has a hard time getting along with people. As James: mid-40s to early 50s; British; diagnosed with HIV; gentle and much more charming than his brother and gets along with people.
Note: Role requires nudity.

Gregory Mitchell: Male, 30-45

40s; a renowned dancer/choreographer who is now suffering from all the abuse his body has gone through as a dancer; stutters at times. Note: Role requires nudity; may include a briefly nude scene with Ramon. Dance background is a plus.

Arthur Pape: Male, 30-45
late 30s to mid-40s; Perry Sellars’ lover; an accountant; fairly calm and level headed, tries to keep Perry in control. Note: Role requires nudity; may include a briefly nude scene with Ramon.

Perry Sellars: late 30s to mid-40s;
an attorney; opinionated, has a temper and is devoted to Arthur. Note: Role requires nudity.

Rehearsal and Production Dates and Locations: 

Rehearsals will begin in January 2022 and take place at: 

4676 Lakeview Ave, Suite 213 Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Performances will take place at: 

2nd Story Theatre, 710 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

February 25-March 6, 2022

Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm; Sundays at 2pm

There is some pay.

Note: Adherence to all applicable California, and CDC public health and safety guidelines will be required of all employees. All actors must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 to be considered for an offer of employment. 

P3 Theatre Company is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in all areas of its structure and operations as attention to these goals makes it stronger and helps better serve the artists, staff, crew, audience, and community at large. 

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